Like our other trips out of Bern, we took a train out to Luzern. There were a couple of different transfers, but it really wasn’t a challenging trip. We grabbed a couple of train beers and enjoyed the ride. Family trips as you get older get more and more fun. Especially with everyone scattered all over the world, you really learn to appreciate each other more.

We arrived in Luzern, and what an amazing town to explore! The entire town is extremely picturesque with the combination of the old architecture, beautiful bridges along the lake and mountains casting shadows in the background. The people watching here is perfect, and it can get rather crowded, so it’s best to find a spot you like and relax.

The building have so much color and unique look to it. As your walk along the lake or through the cobblestone streets, you need to take time to stop and appreciate everything. There is so much history in this town, dating back to the cathedral built in 1333 and the Chapel bridge that crosses the Reuss River that drains from the Luzern Lake.

Since we were there the day after Christmas, there were limited options for what was open. Unfortunately, we don’t have any major recommendations of where to eat. Overall this city is great to walk through and explore. There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from the views/people watching make things even better. I highly recommend checking it out!

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I like to learn, and traveling is my favorite teacher.

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