Once the entire family got into town, we took full advantage of the day trips! Bern has options everywhere via train and it was fairly easy to navigate. Rainier was able to look everything up via google maps and in some instances utilizing road2rio. Like everything in Switzerland, keep in mind, that these trips are not cheap, but completely worth it!

Say CHEESE!! Our first stop had to be Gruyères. Rain had an amazing experience visiting here in the past and made sure to put it on the list. I mean, a city that is known for their cheese… oh no.. if I have to I guess. Depending on the weather you get, the train ride is amazing. You have these rolling hills of green grass with mountains scattered around. It looked completely serene. I believe we had to change trains a couple of times, but like I said, it was fairly easy to navigate.

So the town is very quaint and simple. We took our time with walking around and exploring the different shops. After a little bit, we ended up coming across one of the most bizarre bars I have ever seen! Apparently the owner is obsessed with the movie Alien and decided to make it the all around theme. The walls look like it’s with bones, and the chairs were like alien thrones. Even the cocktails had an alien theme to them! So strange but so entertaining.

The highlight of everything is where we ate our lunch. We made reservations about a week in advance (especially because it was Christmas eve) at Chalat de Gruyères. The food was delicious! To be honest, by food I mean assortment of cheese, bread and meats. If you know Rainier, her description of this place starts with a loud ‘OH MY GOD!’ followed by some profanity and finishing with ‘AMAZING’. Check out some of the videos and pictures below to see what I mean.

After not seeing my brother for a year, and my parents for a few months, it was a perfect Christmas eve trip. The city was so nice and the views were great, but most importantly, come for the CHEESE!!

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