Finally have put together a blog capturing our world travels over the past year! Looking to give insights into the Where, What, How, and Why of our travels. Hope you enjoy!

The Backstory

What had always been a dream of ours finally became a reality in November 2019. My wife, Rainier (Rain), and I decided to travel the world for 5 months. She planted this idea long ago, and finally, with the plan of moving out of South Florida being the catalyst, we decided to pull the trigger! We quit our jobs and began this ‘Extended Honeymoon’. This is my perspective of being pushed out of my comfort zone, and Chasing Rain around the world.

“The destination teaches you of the world, the journey teaches you about yourself”

During this trip we were able to experience 3 Continents, 24 Countries, and 55 Cities

I have information broken down from each country. This includes Recommendations for everything ranging from Restaurants & Attractions, to Historical and Cultural insight.


There were specific bucket list like experiences that I wanted to capture. Some that are a give, and others we would have never guessed.


Travel Tips

I have consolidated some hints and tips for traveling, especially on a budget.

Stephen & Rainier

Most recent posts

Can Tho

Can Tho is a city in the southern part of Vietnam. It is well known for being one of the largest cities on the Mekong Delta. Its well known for it’s “floating markets” which consists of boats lined up and down the river with different stopping points to buy miscellaneous goods. We arrived in CanContinue reading “Can Tho”

Ho Chi Minh City

It finally happened! We made our way to Asia during this long trip. We have been looking forward to quite a few things by making our way to southeast Asia. The warm weather, the great food, the kind people, but most importantly new experiences. We had never been to Vietnam before. We were incredibly excitedContinue reading “Ho Chi Minh City”

Abu Dhabi

With our time in Europe came to an end, so it was time to head over to Southeast Asia for the second leg of the trip. In doing so, we had heard of taking advantage of layovers during this long flight. After doing some research, we decided to fly Etihad and take an extended layoverContinue reading “Abu Dhabi”