The trip to Zermatt is a memorable one. I have driven a car on a Ferry before, but never a train. While on the train you are riding through and around the Alps. It’s really a great experience and we got a good kick out of it. I believe it was less than 20 Euros and is a requirement if you’re trying to get to Zermatt by car. Taking the car onto the train is only the first step of several.

So once you arrive in Zermatt, there are some large parking garages that are really the best option for parking near the mountain. Once you park, there there you take a train up the mountain and through the snow. It is incredibly scenic and a smooth ride. There was snow all around us and it felt like we were in a bubble completely disconnected from the world. You take this train into, I guess what we would describe as a village? There is plenty to explore in the area. We ended up just walking through in the direction of the Matterhorn and did not hesitate to stop anywhere that peaked our interest.

Looking back, I really wish we would have left early and gone skiing for the day. Trying to be cautious of how expensive the city was, I was a bit too indecisive. I had been skiing in Japan, Colorado, and Nevada before, but never Switzerland.

Walking through we stopped in different shops to check everything out. It was a bit touristy, but that’s to be expected for the town. Some of the bars we swung by were Little Bar and Grampi’s for some food. There was a couple of other great spots that we walked by, it really depends on the environment you are looking for. We came across an awesome ski bar, but it was just so cold outside that we preferred to make our stops with some heat.

Once we walked to the bottom of the lifts we were able to get an incredible view of the Matterhorn. It really is incredible and unlike anything I had ever seen. I would say that Disneyland doesn’t quite do it justice!

Overall, I really recommend visiting Zermatt. Although it’s quite the trek and time consuming to get there, it kind of adds to the magic of the experience. Its such a great little village to get lost in. It would be more ideal in the future to go skiing or enjoying the summer there next time!

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I like to learn, and traveling is my favorite teacher.

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