Following Dubrovnik, we needed to get to Zagreb so we can take a flight out to Budapest. We ended up staying just a night in Zagreb, because I really wanted to get to Budapest for my birthday! What we had read about Zagreb, was aside for the museums and architecture, there wasn’t a whole lot to do. I think that also played a factor when deciding to stay there for just one night.

Ironically enough, most of the places we visited so far weren’t considered “in season” due to the weather. Since we were in Zagreb during the December, it was actually the PERFECT TIME!

Zagreb has been voted the #1 Christmas Market in Europe for the past 3 years. I have actually included pictures from another website to show how incredible because the pictures we had just didn’t really come out well. So, in most cities with Christmas markets, its generally just along a street or 2, or remains only in a specific area. Zagreb felt like it was the entire city that setup for this Christmas Market! It was so incredible and overwhelming. Giant squares were dedicated, streets after streets, parks all over the place, and everyone was outside loving the environment. It was so much fun! They even had one of the biggest out door ice skating rinks I have ever seen! (2nd to the one we saw in Vienna that was actually 2 floors). There was so much food and drinks that we had such a hard time making up our mind. They had these big beer gardens with music and it just seemed like a place I would love to be every weekend.

It was one of the coolest setups we had come across. Who knows how much fun we would have had if not for the Christmas Market, but it was an over all fun experience.

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