Like the bus from Sarajevo to Kotor, the bus ride from Kotor to Dubrovnik was incredible. You continue to go through the mountains and along these lakes. As you get further along the ride, it’s actually along the ocean. Upon arriving in the city, ‘castle’ immediately comes to mind. That and of course Game of Thrones!

The city is comprised of stone and is surrounded by large walls. We couldn’t stop grinning as we walked through the streets to our Hotel. Like Kotor, it was like we just entered another world. We stayed at the Rooms of Eden. Our view was of the street and church and was perfect. We really recommend staying here!

The food in Dubruvnik was pretty good, but fairly expensive. Especially compared to the rest of the trip. The first night we ended up going to a Pub for some drinks and ate at Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant. Throughout the city there were small stands scattered about with street food and snacks. This was due to the nightly Christmas Markets. We took complete advantage of the stalls by stopping for as many deserts and sweets as possible.

Christmas Market Deserts

The following morning we decided to look for the best view of the city. So there is a cable car that runs up the mountain. Logically speaking, this is the best way to get up the mountain, so of course we decided to hike up the mountain, and take the cable car down it. I really recommend doing it the other way around, but I think we were a bit ambitious and craving some exercise. I will say, it was amazing to get the views from different angles while hiking up the mountain, it’s just not an easy hike.

Hyper-lapse of the Cable Car down (does not really go that fast)

Following the hike we decided to reward ourselves with a few beers and had the most incredible view of the sunset. There are a couple of different vantage spots to watch the sunset. We ended up climbing fairly far down into the rocks. It’s really crazy how we sat on the edge of this cliff, so high up in the wind, and had these amazing views. It was absolutely one of the highlights of the trip. I could go back there and experience it every day.

We would love to come back during the summer and experience time on the water. This was such an amazing city!

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