Overview of Turkey

One of the oldest, most self sufficient countries in the world. Home to about 83,000 mosques. The only country with a city located in 2 different continents. There is no shortage of Turkey’s history and unique background. They have been at the forefront of sharing information with the world for centuries. They have 2 of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world: Temple of Artemis and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Due to their influence throughout history, Turkey also hosts various artifacts across the centuries from other countries as well.

Surprisingly, Istanbul is not the capital, but instead it is Ankara. Although Istanbul has the history of being the capital for Roman, Ottoman, and Byzantine empires; a prime trading location with a large population, the capital was relocated due to military strategy. The Turkish currency is Lira and they take card in the larger cities.

Above is a map of the cities we visited.

“I could spend weeks getting lost in Istanbul and I couldn’t be happier. There are so many different areas that look like you’re entering a new world. There is nowhere else like it.

Turkey Photo Album

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