Cappadocia, Turkey

We took a quick flight from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Flights were really the best option due to timing and costs. Rainier was dying to go here so we ended up moving some things around to make this a priority. So this city is famous for the hot air balloons that take off everyday. Unfortunately, because of how windy it was we weren’t able to experience this.

Even without the Hot Air Balloons, this is an incredible city to go to! The hotels are so cool They are basically built into the mountains and a lot of them have a very rustic feel to it. The city is very isolated so it has a serene feeling to it. We stayed at 2 of the most popular hotels. The Sultan Cave Hotel and Mithra Cave Hotel which had such great views. Both of the Hotels were really nice, and very popular among “social media influencers” I think we enjoyed the Sultan Cave a little more, but the Mithra Cave had better views.

The city is small and fun to walk through, but I really recommend just hiking through the hills. There are these ancient cave cities that are believed to be from the 7th and 8th centuries. You can go through different tours, but we just ended up going on a long walk and hiking through the hills. You can explore through different caves that are scattered around. It looks like something from a different world.

My favorite part of Cappadocia is really the sunrises and sunsets. Especially with the combined setup of the hotels, it really is something surreal. I can only imagine how incredible it would be with the Hot Air Balloons flying overhead as well!

Side note: There are dogs that are all over this city! Turkey in general is amazing with animals. Dogs are typically tagged by the government and they all get free shots and vaccines. No one really has their own pet, but different shops and communities make sure to take care of them. They are so friendly and docile and it is an amazing concept. One of the hotels we stayed at had puppies everywhere that we just wanted to play with all day. We also made some pupper friends when walking around the parks in Istanbul, they didn’t want to leave our sides.

Overall Cappadocia is a great city. I do think it would be a must see with the hot air balloons, however, if you don’t get to see them due to weather it’s still a great spot to stop off and and relax.

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