Overview of Germany

As one of the largest countries in Europe and strongest on a global scale, Germany is an incredible place to visit. It is home to 85 million people who are proud of their rich heritage. It’s widely considered one of the top tourist destinations, and has incredible countries surrounding it as well. With so much diversity across the country, you can experience completely different cultures depending on where you are. Whether you are in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, or Stuttgart, there is so much to experience.

From the 1,500 beers to choose from or the 2,100 castles to see, there is plenty to experience and learn about in Germany. German is the official language and is one of the most common languages spoken in Europe. As apart of the European Union, their currency is the Euro. Below is a map of the cities we visited.

“It was an awesome break in the trip to just hang out with friends finally! The hospitality was perfect and everyone made us feel at home.”

Germany Photo Album

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