Like our time in Heilbronn, visiting Cologne was all about seeing friends! We were so excited to stay with Brigitte and Helmut. They live in this beautiful home that dates back to the early 1800’s in Cologne. It was the closest we had felt to being ‘home’ in the trip so far, especially with the home cooked meals, warm hospitality and fun conversations. Rain is definitely the more spiritual person out of the 2 of us, but we both agreed that it felt great for the soul. There was quite a bit of relaxing on the couch with Gizmo as well!

Brigitte took us into the city to explore Cologne one of the days. Although the weather wasn’t great (unfortunately a common theme for us in Germany) it was still a lot of fun. The first thing you really have to see is the Cathedral. It’s such a iconic landmark and really is incredible. You’re able to go inside and marvel at an interior that’s just as unique as it’s exterior.

It was so challenging to capture a great picture of the Cathedral!

The city has so much old, beautiful architecture and it’s quite the walk along the Rhine River. With the cobblestone streets, and bright colored buildings, it was a pleasant time. They also had some great bars and pubs scattered around. It does seem like a decent spot if you are looking to go out and have a fun time as well.

Cologne seemed like a great city, but for us, the people we were visiting made it a true destination priority. Thank you so much for hosting us Engels!!

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