Can Tho

Can Tho is a city in the southern part of Vietnam. It is well known for being one of the largest cities on the Mekong Delta. Its well known for it’s “floating markets” which consists of boats lined up and down the river with different stopping points to buy miscellaneous goods.

We arrived in Can Tho by bus. It was the simplest way to make our way down there from Ho Chi Minh, and they were decently comfortable sleeper busses. We decided to make the trip south because we had never seen a floating market. At this point we weren’t in much of a hurry and really wanted to embrace everything Vietnam had to offer.

We stayed in a random apartment in the city. I will emphasize, this isn’t a city that I recommend lingering around in other than the floating market. Everyone was extremely nice, and it felt like a safe city to walk through and experience. As for attractions and entertainment, I did feel like it was limited. We came across some great simple food while walking through, and we were able to come across some delicious Bánh cống while we were there. Bánh cống is like a shrimp rice cake that’s really simple and tasty.

In the early morning we left for the market! We found a private tour via Trip Advisor and the person who took is through was great. She didn’t speak any english, but it really didn’t matter. We were there to enjoy the ride, try new food and just people watch. She got friendlier and friendlier as we went along and it’s an experience we really recommend.

As the sun rises, all the boats are arriving to the trading area. We were able to get fresh fruits, different meal, and take a look a the more extensive items being shipped up and down the river. She took us through a couple of different areas along the river and we stopped in a couple of spots to see how different dishes were made. It really was a great experience with nice people. We had some great dishes as well and felt like it would have been a great spot to hang out for awhile. She was able to make Rain a really cool looking bouquet made of bamboo and other plants. I think it made her day and really was the cherry on top.

Once we got back we walked around the riverside and was able to hang out and explore. They have additional markets and plenty of shops along. There is scenic bridges covered in lights and it really is a nice area to walk and explore. We really weren’t looking to buy anything but it was part of the experience. If you come to Can Tho, I don’t recommend staying any longer than a night. From there, we made our way to the airport for our next destination!

All in all, Can Tho was a fun great experience. Assuming time isn’t critical and you had never experienced a floating market, its worth a stop. If those 2 factors aren’t in your favor, I think there is other cities that you can prioritize.

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