There’s a reason why Prague is one of the most popular cities in Europe to visit. There is so much to see and such a melting pot of great people who come to experience this city. We had some high expectations due to everyone’s recommendations and we were so satisfied with everything.

We decided to stay in a hostel and felt we got extremely lucky with our choice. We met some great people from all over the world who were a pleasure to hang out with. As we’ve said in other posts, there are certain hostels that make an experience significantly better. The Roadhouse Prague was one of those spots. The staff was incredibly friendly and full of helpful recommendations. For example our first night in, we were able to find an awesome little Italian restaurant called Alriso Risotteria Italiana that was full of gluten free options. Rain was able to get pizza and freshly baked bread. Highly recommend! They recommended where to go and when was the best time. It was the local recommendations we were looking for.

The first night we went out to a bizarre but fun underground bar called Vzorkovna. Apparently it’s known as the ‘dog bar’ as there are random pups that just live down there and hang out as well. Really fun spot to play foosball and unique for they overall theme.

Overall, there are some great food options in the city. We were able to grab some delicious burgers at Popo Cafe enjoy the nightlife with everyone from some Hostels at Lucerna. It was a blast. When you’re traveling with your partner for an extended period of time, it’s so important to interact with others and take some space. I believe it helps develop a better appreciation and prevents any built up irritation.

It’s really a great city to get lost in. We spent one of the days where it was nicer out walking across the Vltava River and exploring the other side of the city. From here you can cross the iconic St. Charles bridge and make your way up to Hradcany Castle . Like quite a few of the castles we came across, we thought best to just explore the surrounding area rather than go in. From there we made our way through all the small winding streets to Lennon Wall. Its such an interesting spot with great opportunities for pictures. From there you can continue to make your way along the river and check out unique spots like the Library and great parks nearby.

Prague was an incredible city to visit, and at some point we would love to come back and explore other cities in the Czech Republic. Along with the iconic monuments and attractions, it was really the people that made this stop so memorable.

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