We took another bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo. This like the others was fairly affordable, I believe under $20 a person. A lot of these buses have Wifi on them as well, which makes everything more convenient. I had no idea what to expect with Sarajevo. I reached out to a few old friends that had lived there and got some great recommendations. Sarajevo ended up being a place that ranks high on the must visit for something different!

We stayed at an Airbnb just down the street from the main city area. The city seems to be at the bottom of some mountains, almost in a valley like setup with a river running through it. Expect some decent hills to walk up and down in order to see the city.

I will preface saying that the food was just ok. So far we didn’t experience anything special in the Baltic areas in reference to the food. The whole area was just so much fun and was really neat to explore. There were Pubs all over the city which was fun to experience. It was really surprising to see so many authentic like pubs, but they were a blast. The only downside was so many people smoking inside of the bars. It can be overwhelming when you’re not a smoker to be surrounded by it.

A couple of restaurants I really recommend are Klopa (we actually went there twice because Rainier loved it and was craving their breakfast) and C’est La Vie. Also there is a great spot for coffee and drinks at the top of a hill called gonul kahvesi. It’s one of the specialty coffee cafes with fancy drinks and beans from around the world. It is a bit of a hike, but completely worth it.

What I recommend most is going up to the Sarajevo viewpoint. You need to walk up to the cable car location and this will take you to the top of the mountain. There is a small cost for the tickets, but I don’t believe you can get to the top without the Cable Car. It was so amazing going up! We thought it was a bit foggy in the town, but as we took the cable car up we ended up getting above the fog and it was beautiful out! There was snow everywhere and we had a blast playing around like kids. On the mountain there is also an abandoned bobsled track, and it’s a fun track to walk down.

Playing in the snow on the Bobsled track

I do wish we would have stayed a day or so longer to explore the castle. We decided to explore some other areas which were fun, but I think we were exhausted from all the hiking we did the day before.

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One thought on “Sarajevo

  1. I’ve done that bus trip from Belgrade to Sarajevo several times 🙂 I really like the Balkan and I was lucky to live in Skopje for a few months as volunteer in a local youth center 🙂 all the best and cheers from Lisbon! PedroL


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