Overview of Montenegro

Whether you’re interested in a mountainous terrain or beaches, Montenegro has it all. It’s name is derived from the black mountains that cover the country, however, it’s also is home to 117 different beaches of all types. The people are known for being more relaxed, and we completely got that vibe while there. Although Podgorica is the capital, you cannot visit this country without seeing the beauty of cities like Kotor, Budva, or Sveti Stefan. Montenegro has the views like Croatia, but at a more affordable price.

Just shy of 700,000 citizens, Montenegro is one of the smaller populated countries in Europe. The official language is Montenegrin, however you can find other languages from neighboring countries being spoken frequently. The currency used in Montenegro is the Euro.

“As we took the bus through the mountains and along the water, it felt like the most peaceful place we had ever seen.

Montenegro Photo Album

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