Overview of Lebanon

Compared to its neighboring countries, Lebanon is a fairly ‘liberal’ place to be. It has quite a few western influences that are clearly seen in cities like Beirut. You can find women wearing short skirts, bars are abundant, and although Arabic is the primary language you will find quite a few people speaking French, German and English. Lebanese Pound is the official currency.

With such a large part of the land taking up the coastline, this country has an incredibly diverse terrain. The cliffs along the coast are unique and offer incredible sunsets. You can go from seeing the ocean to skiing in the mountains rather quickly.

Due to my age, the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Lebanon is unfortunately the civil war that took place between 1975- 1990. This war was between Christians and Muslims in the area. You can still see areas and buildings that were impacted by the war as well.

“When we told friends that Lebanon was our our list to visit, we could see the skepticism and concern. It had such unique architecture and lively areas. It was one of our hidden gems of the trip and we are happy we didn’t let anyone deter us!

Lebanon Photo Album

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