Overview of Egypt

As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt has so much history to be explored. Ancient Egyptians invented pens, paper, locks, keys and even toothpaste. The Ancient Egyptians were known for maintaining incredible traditions like social drinking, music, and writing. These historic cultural aspects are the foundation of such much pride from the Egyptians today.

It’s important to highlight that although Cairo is the biggest city in Egypt, there are so many other incredible cities to explore. We were strongly recommended to visit other cities that are far more beautiful, especially in the summer, such as Luxor and Aswan and Hurghada. Due to Egypt being 3 times the size of New Mexico, traveling such far distances is not the easiest, or most convenient.

Cairo, is known for the great pyramid, however, there is believed to be about 120 Pyramids throughout Egypt. The Great Pyramid is taller than the statue of liberty and takes up as much space as about 5 football fields. Over the years, the city of Cairo has transformed dramatically, especially with one of the largest Dams being built. Due to flooding, the Aswan High Dam was constructed and provides safety from the longest river in the world (Nile River). It is believed that the Nile is actually what lead to the development of the calendar, for better tracking and forecasting of the flood seasons.

Above is a map of the cities we visited.

“Walking between these pyramids was something I will never forget. The combination of the history, complexity and size is something your brain struggles to truly comprehend

Egypt Photo Album

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