Overview of Morocco

Morocco’s culture has been shaped by influences of other countries over time. Their main languages are Moroccan Arabic and Tamazight, however, due to colonization and recent tourism influences, you will find Moroccans fluent in French and Spanish.

The original settlers that migrated into the Atlas Mountains from the Sahara are known as the Berber people. The Islamic religion heavily influences the Moroccan culture, as well is their laws. Muslims actually make up 99% of the population. Morocco has nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to their rich history. The official currency of Morocco is Dirham, however they do accept Euros in some of the major cities. Fes, is the oldest Medival city in the world that is still active.

Above is a map of the cities we visited.

“The hospitality was beyond our expectations, and it was something the Moroccans pride them-self in.

Morocco Photo Album

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