Austria was a our last stop in Europe. It was somewhat bittersweet as we were so excited to more on to our next phase, but knew there was still so much more to see. Part of the reason we were moving on and leaving Europe was due to our Visa. As an American traveling in Europe, your Visa is limited to 90 days. We were quickly approaching that 90 day limit and it was time to move on.

Vienna was probable the most ‘traditional’ experience we had along our trip. The city is very beautiful, and has some incredible architecture. I’m not sure I would categorize the trip as thrilling, but we definitely had a good time. Like our previous countries in this area of Europe it was a bit gloomy and cold out. We stayed at a Hostel called Wombat’s City Hostel due to the costs at nearby hotels and Airbnb’s.

Most of our focus was surrounded by checking out the different features of the city and fun spots to eat. One place I recommend for some coffee and desert is called Landtmann Cafe. It’s an historic cafe that was a great experience. We were able to indulge in some delicious coffee and sweets with great classical vibes. We tried to stay consistent with the local flare and went to Reinthaler’s Beisl. This was a really cozy spot that we could fill up on all the local dishes. We ended up finishing up the night at 1516 Brewing Company. Overall awesome 1st day that checked all the boxes.

One thing we don’t normally do is go to Museums. When we saw there was a highly rated Warhol exhibit, we decided to make an exception. It was really interesting, I’m not a big art enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it. We definitely enjoyed our time.. and it was a great spot to hide from the heavy rain that started coming down.

Probably one of my favorite experiences along the trip was to the Opera! We got tickets last minute and were really lucky to do so. We waited in quite a line around the block for the tickets. Since we weren’t trying to break the bank our tickets were pretty high up and standing section. It really was a fun experience in this 1800’s building. We had both seen opera performances before in NYC Broadway and the Sydney Opera House, but this was something different and quite beautiful.

One last side note that we absolutely loved is the unique traffic lights. More specifically the crosswalk. I believe we have come across them in other countries but these were a bit more unique. There were different variations scattered around that were so entertaining.

Overall we enjoyed our time in Vienna. We got a different experience that what we had come across elsewhere. I’m not sure if we would go back, but it was definitely something I would recommend experiencing.

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    1. It really is beautiful Jesper! I highly recommend coming back if you ever get the chance. I imagine the trip from Stockholm is a bit more complicated but amazing places to explore close by. Hope to get more insight from you!

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